This performance got me not only because of the new face I saw but it got me because I clearly noticed the different levels of performances given by the dancers and the different burlesque costume they wore that made every individual performances from any other numbers different from one another.

I didn’t exactly think that every level of performance is different from one another and I couldn’t agree more and never complain how exactly everyone on stage complimented each other and their set of burlesque costumes too.

I, on the first glance can notice my favorite performer from the background of the main burlesque acts but I can see how she have changed from the queen of the last performance, to merely a background dancer but I am sure that did not even make her feel that way.

Instead, I can understand how important it is to just not be the star; but it is also important to be of help to your fellow dancers and make each other a star.

The performers for tonight’s show were all a star of their own. But the stars on this specific performance were not only the ones getting all the exposure but everyone on stage who made it a total performance everyone loved.

Now I have a better and full understanding of every performance – you never have to just think of yourself but you should also think about how you could complement each other on stage.

Now it’s never just about wearing the best burlesque costumes, and it’s never just about being the star of the show; sometimes it has to be about everyone on stage and giving the best show every audience would consider one of the best they have seen.