So it was the first time I am going to be handling my first ever major burlesque role. However, it was never really easy on the main part of it. Why? There had been some issues about me being how deserving I am on the main role.

I admit, it got me really affected for a few more days, hearing these type of things from my best contender. She was more of a bully than a dancer, that was I thought to myself back then. However, there had been one incident where I was out in the open at the middle of the school ground and I was bullied by my next big contender.

It was not really that healthy on my part. I was even wearing the best burlesque costumes since I was on my way to practice that time and I got bullied at the middle of the school ground. It captured the attention of not only the students, but a teacher nearby.

That then caught the attention of my first best contender to the principal’s office. I know, it might have been too hard for her too, but it was not healthy for me. Now, it’s not just about the best burlesque costumes, but also because of so many issues that surround the burlesque show.

So like any good dancer with the best burlesque costumes, I just have to be the most graceful dancer like no other. Now I realized that it’s not just always about the best burlesque costumes, but also because of being the best you can be in whatever situation you are caught in between, whether on stage or in real life.

The best burlesque costumes is not even necessary when you can’t put the best for yourself in front of others.