With a pretty face any man and woman would love, an appeal every eye can capture plus the talent no one can actually draw upon, Jennifer Lawrence is definitely one of the actresses everyone looks up to!

Not to mention, Jennifer Lawrence even is one of the highest paid actresses of her time!

Now it would be a full real honor to have her wear one of the burlesque creation I have designed for her.

With the ones I have designed and customized only to fit her, which do you think would suit her most?

I wanted to give a long list of possibilities of the different burlesque costumes I have in mind for her, but there is this one set of burlesque costumes that I haven't revealed just yet; which happens to be my favorite! Well, I love all these costumes but there is one thing; one set of burlesque costumes that capture my eyes and this remained to be a favorite.

If other burlesque costumes depicted her characters based on her movies; this one set of burlesque costumes depicted nothing but her personality and her character off the camera! At least at how I see her as a fan and a follower of course.

A sun-sunny yellow and black is just about perfect to me.

With her blonde hair and classic American-look, yellow and black would be a perfect choice! Yellow would definitely be the main color for a set of burlesque costumes, as accented by a classic favorite black.

What other colors do you think would suit Jennifer and her personality or other movie roles she has played?