Now I have a lot of colors that are my own personal favorite and blue is indeed one of them. But that does not stop me from telling you more of the colors I have.

For my own set of burlesque costumes, I never failed to incorporate the most inspiring of all colors for every burlesque costumes I have, and that is the color white.

I love the color white not only because it is the mere presence of every color but also because, it does not contradict in just about any color you can match it to. Is indeed is the presence of all colors, and if not used as an accent, I use the color white as part of my accessories, including the gloves and stocking and a lot more!

You could never go wrong with the color white for your burlesque costumes!

This time, let me tell you about the meaning behind this wonderful color.

There are different meanings available for the color white and this time, we will not only take it as a part of our burlesque costumes but also on how it means in different prospective as well.

Did you know that White is color at its most complete and pure, the color of perfection. The color meaning of white is purity, innocence, wholeness and completion.

And just like any set of burlesque costumes in white, I believe that nothing could go wrong with it being there whether as the main costumes’ color or as an accent because it makes it perfect and complete to look at too.

Just wait until I tell you more about the burlesque costumes I have in lined with the color white!