The second act was so amazing that I loved the thought of it following the very same act. I think that this idea is very good that I would definitely love to incorporate everything in the next show that we will have. I think it would also be nice to have an audition for twins!

Not to mention, I would really love to think that I have all it take to dig it in back at home. Thinking of the combination of burlesque costumes, I think it could just get even better when I try and incorporate the whole group’s idea.

I would love to have everything recoded, however, I was just trying to sneak my camera because note everyone is allowed to bring the camera and take pictures and videos from the audience. So this is maybe the reason why we haven’t seen this type of choreography from the past because of not so high technology and the lack social media influence.

These days, burlesque costumes and other burlesque items can be seen almost everywhere.

Luckily, I can easily upload videos and pictures instantly with my smartphone! Thanks to wonderful technology and internet connection. Please don’t get me wrong, I was far from using things like these back in high school maybe because I had to spend so much time practicing my burlesque acts and yes, making my burlesque costumes.

Now the third act is beginning anytime soon, they had to close the curtain for a couple of minutes and this is the perfect time for me to take note of the burlesque costumes I wanted and other choreography moves I would like to incorporate.

I will have to upload these videos and pictures right away and make sure that friends back home would take note!