MGM Hotel - at first I only read about it on the papers and saw it on the internet but now, I am going to be stepping my feet on it for the first time.

Known for elaborate events and even the best world class shows and sports events, MGM Hotel is probably one of the most beautiful and amazing hotel I have ever been. Don't blame me, I have traveled from cities to cities back in Australia but the grandeur atmosphere of the MGM is simply amazing.

They will be having the burlesque show with the best burlesque costumes and production at one of their biggest halls and only a few set of tickets were sold in the public.

My cousin Shawn told me that I should expect seeing stars on the row seats, or expect that I will be sitting next to them and rubbing shoulders.

I couldn't wait! I would make sure to give my mother back at Australia a call and I will also take pictures too, so that my friends and relatives back in Australia may see. At the same time, I will make sure to take a couple of clips for videos and record some of the production and choreography that I could sure use on my next burlesque dance practice.

Not to forget, I will make sure I would be able to take snapshots of the best burlesque costumes featured on the show! I can then show them off to my mom so she could maybe add some more touches to my burlesque costumes in the making, back home.

I wouldn’t surely forget this night of my life. Cheers to more burlesque experience here in Las Vegas..