Even though I have been so hooked with Nina, I am not still done in conceptualizing everything for her and her three different characters from the Vampire Diaries - I am such a big fan not only of my interest in burlesque costumes but also of TVD!

And We stopped on Katherine aka Katarina. Since she is known to be more than a hundred year old, or maybe older, I really don’t know what's the exact date to it; I thought a Victorian Inspired burlesque costumes would be absolutely perfect for her.

A sweet classy and sassy combination of black and red burlesque costumes plus matching accessories showing off the Victorian inspired fashion is a real catch for Katherine.

Crowded with mostly of her evil intensions; Katherine still is one of the most attractive and sexy vampires featured in TVD. And that gives me the impression that a Victorian Inspired burlesque costumes with a combination of black and red is absolutely perfect. Even more, she might just want to add a matching Victorian umbrella to her burlesque costumes too.

How do you think Burlesque costumes with a matching umbrella inspired from the Victorian era would look like? I can still recall one episode from the Vampire Diaries where Katherine got a flashback on the time during the Victorian Era where Katherine was featured wearing sexy corset tops with a bull gown. And this sure counts as an inspiration for me, seeing how Nina’s character as Katherine could look gorgeous with it.

This is another burlesque costumes inspired by Nina Dobrev and her Character at TVD! And yes, there is more to come!