During the first few days I spent here in Las Vegas, my cousins opted to bring me to witness one of the best burlesque show with the best production and featured the best set of burlesque costumes too!

All these for a night; for just one show? I never felt more than lucky! I thought to myself that, that night was one of the best nights I ever had! And today, I am going to share to you another set of experiences I have gathered from that very show.

I have shared to you a whole lot of things from the previous posts; talking about how I have gathered a whole new set of ideas in handling the show, keeping the audience focused on the show; showcasing the best of burlesque costumes and last but not the least, getting your burlesque costumes to a higher level.

Actually, I have learned a lot and that these are only some of greatest learning and the things that I could identify. I know for a fact that this trip to Las Vegas here in the Queen city of Entertainment and Business is just starting, and I look forward for more things to come.

My cousin was even kind enough to let me know that it will not just be all about burlesque dancers and burlesque costumes because she has plotted a lot of activities for me to enjoy and only Las Vegas could offer!

I have only been here for less than a week but I could tell you that the Las Vegas sensation is kicking in all over me! I can’t wait to tell my mother all about the burlesque shows I have witnessed and burlesque costumes I have seen in here!