I have been so excited with the thought of seeing Adriana and Candice wearing burlesque costumes. And not just generic and plain burlesque costumes but burlesque costumes that fit their personality and of course their sizes, perfectly.

When Adriana fits in a red and gold and Candice suits in a combination of pink and teal burlesque costumes to what type and style of burlesque costumes would you fit? When you are not yet sure on what would be the best burlesque costumes for you to wear, whether on the next burlesque costumes party or burlesque shows for you to star on, read along!

When I already found the perfect piece of burlesque costumes for Adriana and Candice I simply wouldn't stop there because I still have a long list of stars to feature, along with my burlesque costumes ideas

First things first; I would like to finish off with the list that I have which included Jennifer Lawrence and Nina Dobrev.

Now which among these two fine young ladies, who also happens to be both my favorites should I have featured first?

I loved Nina in Vampire Diaries and have been a follower of the series ever since Season 1 and now that the latest, Season 5 just got its finale, it would be nice to feature her and her burlesque costumes according to the role she had portrayed this season.

Jennifer Lawrence on the other hand, belonging to the highly paid actresses on her age, has been so great on playing Mystique on the X-Men movie sequel and it would also be nice to get inspiration of her burlesque costumes from it.

What burlesque costumes would you think suit them? Tell me what you have in mind and I would be happy to discuss more!