Then there came a chance for me to perform with my desired burlesque costumes.

It was an ultimate dress rehearsal. Around two weeks after the burlesque costumes brainstorming and everything that went out from the occasional meetings, the results were absolutely profound.

A few burlesque costumes came out with the dancers wearing their best smiles. The first batch of burlesque costumes was really outstanding and I could tell they looked awesome in such.

The next batch of dancers on their burlesque costumes was very attractive too. Even some of the guys looked at their best while trying on their burlesque costumes for the first time.

I on the other hand was part of the last batch to wear the burlesque costumes. And I could really tell I looked beautiful too! Being the most important act of the main show and being the main attraction of the show, I can say that I totally nailed it and I was totally a head turner. One of the production staff even approached me and took a picture of us together, saying that the burlesque costumes I have tried on really suited me well. Not to mention that the one who approached me was the second in command as stage director too. And the moment he told me the burlesque costumes looked good on me; it boosted my confidence so much that I knew having the main role and wearing the best burlesque costumes for the show was indeed for me.

On the next post, I will talk about how the assistant stage producer shed me light with my overall stage performance and how he became not just a plain production staff for me; but a fried as well.