Now what would you do if you are seated with some stars and you are enjoying a world class burlesque show with amazing burlesque costumes?

Well in my case, al I would want to do is to keep an eye to everything! Sadly, I couldn’t be a master on both paying attention to the audience and maybe enjoying the burlesque costumes and shows at the same time.

So even when I saw Angelina Jolie seated on five to seven rows away from me, I simply had to pay much of my attention to the dancers performing in front of me. I wouldn’t deny that I needed this so badly but I couldn’t stop staring at how stunning Angelina Jolie is. You will more than surprised to see that her signature lips are really that sexy.

While still waiting for the third act to come on stage, or while waiting for the curtains to open, I couldn’t help but get more excited on how the burlesque costumes will look like this time. And how will the dancers carry their moves while wearing elaborate costumes.

As a burlesque dancer myself, it has always been a challenge to be at your best while having the difficulty to actually move freely with your burlesque costumes. And while I was thinking and concentrating more on the show, rather than on the crowd; my cousin secretly points out Josh Duhamel on the crowd!

Oh my, he has always been my crush. I couldn’t stop but simply stare at him, jaw dropped.

To my surprise, the third act for tonight’s show started with a loud drum roll, with outstanding male drummers performing just at the other side of the stage. Now I am back to the show.