Before I even proceed to more of Hunger Games, Catching Fire and MockingJay; let me tell you about the things you could never learn without my help. Today, will dig into the story of burlesque costumes So what is a Burlesque? Did you know that the earliest image of the burlesque was recorded back in the early 2000 BC? Burlesques s were typically worn as undergarments; however It was then worn as an outer garment of a Crete woman. A burlesque is a fitting garment that is stiffened in different means just to shape the torso of women. The idea of wearing it is used to conform the rules of having the fashionable silhouette and shape of the body of that time. Unlike the original Burlesque costumes however, the true burlesque is not like the modern adaptations that we see in lingerie or burlesque costumes. And that’s what we have for you! Today, burlesques have grown into burlesque costumes; from an under garment to an outer garment. It has developed and made a mark as a real sense of fashion. It now comes in different colors and prints, styles and fits and most especially it has evolved with lace features, removable garters, zippers on the side and even boning. Women with curves and a body to die for have always been considered sexy and the best way to accentuate those curves is to wear a burlesque. And here, it is simple! All you need is to wear burlesque costumes to die for!