Now burlesque is never really just about all the fun laughter and entertainment. It is most successful during its time because of the people who made history with it and for it.

Here is another icon I have for you and her influence to the present day burlesque and burlesque costumes that we still happen to enjoy once in a while, right now.

Another personality that has made a deal out of burlesque during her time is nothing but Mabel Saintley.

Mabel Saintley was America's first native-born burlesque star, leading "Mme. Rintz's Female Minstrels" from the 1880s onwards in a stylish burlesque of all-male troupes. She was acclaimed for feminising the genre with her turn in Mme. Rintz’s Female Minstrels.

The minstrel element of the shows also gave way to a new generation of black performers. In 1890, The Creole Show débuted and re-shaped the minstrel all-male tradition with female cast members.

It was also during this time when burlesque was a mix of male performer comedy and a chorus girl leg show with song and dance. It also then included women took to the stage in their decadent outfits and also proceeded to show a little leg. They even cross-dressed as part of their parody, according to Chicava HoneyChild.

Though all the glory and fame surrounded the burlesque industry, it was not long gone until the American press praised burlesques, but turned vicious under pressure from influential do-gooders.

But the cries of the self-righteous had an unintended effect. Editorials and sermons condemning burlesque as "indecent" only made the form more popular! Demand was such that copycat burlesque companies soon cropped up, many with female managers.