Are you ready to be the crowd favorite with the set of burlesque costumes to wear in color teal? We will see how you embrace this color with the color psychology of teal.

Technically speaking, Teal is a low-saturated color, a bluish-green to dark medium, similar to medium blue-green and dark cyan. It can be created by mixing green with blue into a white base, or deepened as needed with a little bit of black or gray color. Having this choice of burlesque costumes is no biggie because you can almost see this color hue in just about everywhere. Visiting the burlesque costumes section in one of my favorite specialty store, I have seen burlesque costumes in teal featured on their shopping window. And Boy! It did capture not only my eyes but my heart too!

Going through the psychology of this color, it means open the lines of communication between the heart and the spoken word.

It presents as a friendly and happy color enjoying life. In color psychology, teal or turquoise controls and heals the emotions creating emotional balance and stability. In the process it can appear to be on an emotional roller coaster, up and down, until it balances itself. Imagine yourself having the control over your emotions with balance and stability while wearing a set of burlesque costumes in this wonderful hue!

This is a color that recharges our spirits during times of mental stress and tiredness, alleviating feelings of loneliness. You only have to focus on the color turquoise, whether on a wall or clothing and you feel instant calm and gentle invigoration, ready to face the world again!