It was so much entertaining to see a Megan Fox look alike with the best burlesque costumes in Las Vegas.

Now I could still imagine other stars on burlesque costumes and dancing their way on stage. I love dancing with the stars, by the way. How I wish they could actually give the stars a chance to dance on burlesque costumes too!

I would love to see some of my favorite stars dance in burlesque. Some of them include Jennifer Lawrence from the movie sequel, the Hunger Games and Nina Dobrev from the popular series, the Vampire Diaries.

Now I was really caught off guard and thought it was Megan Fox, but I would love to see her in burlesque costumes too!

I bet they will not only look good as how they portray their popular characters, but they will even look good on burlesque costumes too! I can’t imagine how they will be able to project and be in character when it comes to burlesque dancing.

We all know that burlesque dancing is also a matter of self projection and characterization, and unlike other forms of dancing that only requires you to smile and glance into the audience from below the stage; burlesque dancing is a little more different.

Aside from wearing those burlesque costumes with so much confidence, comfort and ease, burlesque dancing also requires facial expressions and even facial projection to match not only the burlesque costumes, but also the character of the dancer too.

Now I can’t imagine how my favorite stars would act to that, maybe they will be required to attend a workshop to that or something. No matter how much it takes, it would be my pleasure to dance with them in burlesque costumes, of course!