Burlesque Costumes Today, I am very happy to share with you my third set of burlesque costumes. This came idea came up to me and my mother as we celebrated the weekend over some friends and relatives for St. Patrick’s Day.

So do you now have an idea of how my third set of burlesque costumes would look like? Definitely, it will be inspired by St. Patrick’s Day and it will come with a sleek combination of green with a little taste of yellow and black. I might as well consider wearing a green top-hat to complete the look of this set of burlesque costumes.

More than anything else, I am getting excited every time my mother and I come up with an idea for my set of burlesque costumes. Particularly, I am really excited for this one.

Green has been a color that is most attractive on stage and I am sure that this choice of color for my burlesque costumes would be a fantastic choice. I would love to incorporate the Irish St. Patrick’s costumes look into my burlesque costumes but maintaining its uniqueness at the same time.

For this particular set of burlesque costumes, I would love to add on some patches of the lucky clover into my corset, or maybe add a little accent of a black belt. I am sure that adding yellow sequins would make it look sparkling on stage.

My ideas are limitless when it comes to my burlesque costumes and I am sure that my Mother will do a pretty good job with the sewing and sequins and other details, while I am away for a vacation of a lifetime in Las Vegas!

Now I only need one more idea for my unique set of burlesque costumes. Do you have any suggestions?