The success story of Thompson does not only stop from having the hottest girls in upper side New York but it extends from the vast ticket sales, more burlesque shows and revealing burlesque costumes and a whole lot more to talk about. Did you know that the Demand for tickets was such that Ixion soon moved to Broadway's most prestigious musical house, Niblo's Garden – the same theatre where The Black Crook had triumphed two years earlier. All told, Thompson's first New York season grossed over $370,000. During that time, not that is a whole lot of money coming from a show that featured sexy women as produced by a woman too. Even more, the whole production of every show from the burlesque costumes and full production did not feature mundane matters as composers, but instead, they used melodies from operatic arias and popular songs of the day, incorporating them into the action for comic or sentimental effect. This in return made every burlesque show a reason to look behind into the songs they have learned to love all the years while taking a whole new level of excitement in every song. Even more, these songs that were mixed and matched to suit every burlesque acts were never published in order to prevent unauthorized productions. It was said though the materials used such as songs and scripts were changed from week to week. Now you can even tell for yourself how these shows were more than entertaining back then. Do you know of other burlesque songs that were featured on shows? Tell us what you have in mind!