I know this might sound so ridiculous but as a burlesque dancer myself, it would be such a shame but I would like to be honest and let you guys know that I am not really familiar with all the songs being played on the show.

I mean, with all the world class audience and performers, I couldn’t deny that back home, we are definitely a few hundred steps behind.

We may have the gut to actually compete with the burlesque costumes, however, we just couldn’t compete or even amount to the ones they have here in Las Vegas.

And so, I made it a point to actually list down the lyrics of any unfamiliar song I heard playing. Unluckily, I couldn’t recall that much since act one. Yet I know I could exactly recall the burlesque costumes, so what I did is that I have associated the burlesque costumes to the sound playing, and eventually I did a major recall.

Good thing I have Shawn on my back and I told her to do the same and recall any words she could remember on the lyrics so that we may be able to do some major research on the songs being played.

So moving forward from the best burlesque costumes, I found myself still amazed with the extreme talents featured on tonight’s show.

I thought, they do not only present medley musical scoring but also instrumental scoring, where the popular classics of burlesque songs were performed using various musical instruments!

Now I have so much to talk about when I go back home. This time, it will not only be about burlesque costumes but also the best musical scoring!