When we talk of burlesque, we absolutely mean more than just burlesque costumes and burlesque dancers and performers but we mean more! This does not only include the burlesque dancers discipline in performance and practice; and the burlesque costumes that are not only artistic and colorful.

To a burlesque performer like me, burlesque means life; and it gives the color of life.

And as I watch this solo burlesque dancer on stage, I couldn’t help but envy her in every way. It must mean a lot to perform at the MGM grounds with a world class production, and an amazing all star cast audience.

Just so to break the excitement, this charming young dancer didn’t wear any burlesque costume but was only surrounded by water balloons! I actually can’t tell if it was water balloons but she was wearing small balloons, and these ones covered her body and all the balloons were shaped as if it were a two-piece bikini!

I couldn’t deny that this choice of burlesque costume is unique and at the same time, a bit vulgar too. However, I would look forward to wearing the same type of burlesque costumes on the same stage.

Well maybe I can! Not on the same stage though but maybe back home. So what I did is to take pictures of this charming burlesque dancer on stage and took really detailed pictures of the burlesque costumes she wore while performing. I think it will be a really good idea to do so!

However, I do not dream of performing it yet on stage alone back at home. I might have a short audition for it though.