Now down with the four different acts, everybody seemed anxious yet excited while waiting for the curtains to open. It will now be down with the fifth act and I am so eager to witness this masterpiece.

On the given flyers, together with the tickets it was mentioned that there will surely be an array of various burlesque performances and a display of amazing talents. Surely, I couldn’t deny that this show have exceeded what I expected.

Unlike any other burlesque shows I have witnessed back home, tonight’s burlesque presentation is indeed world class. Frankly speaking, I didn’t exactly know what “world class” meant and I just did while enjoying this show.

And while everybody waits for the curtains to open and witness the fifth act, I am anxious to see what set of burlesque costumes will be featured next, I am eager to know what songs will be played, and will be very observant on what moves every dancer will play.

I am guessing though that the fifth act will be another solo with a fancy and pretty dancer on a glamorous set of burlesque costumes. Well, we just have to wait and see.

Just like me, others are becoming a bit restless and eager to see what MGM and tonight’s burlesque show has in stored for all the audience.

And just when the curtains started opening after a few minutes, everybody applauded. It seemed like everyone was really excited. And boom! I was right. Just in the opening a pretty woman so stunning and sexy was on with her solo act.

However, you will be astounded to know that unlike any other burlesque acts that featured wonderful costumes, this dancer is not wearing any piece of cloth as her burlesque costumes.

Well, let’s wait and see what she got installed.