They say that this color is greatly associated with the future, as silver may be the best color to represent the rising technology and the many changes the world has gone through. What color is this?

If there is one color that stands out above anything else on stage, it would be none the less but silver. If there is one color that shines the most and is never too harsh for the eyes to see and appreciate when it comes to burlesque costumes that would be silver!

Complementing every color it matches, the color silver is mostly used as an accessory or highlight to any burlesque costumes outfit. Most of the time, this color comes is seen on silver sequins, silver linings and even silver jewelries too.

If I were to choose among the main uses of this color in different sets of burlesque costumes, I would surely love to see silver sequins highlighting one of the burlesque costumes, or corset top lined with silver sequins. Truth is, just about any color or cut of costumes, would greatly remain to be well fitted to silver accents.

I once remembered seeing a set of black burlesque costumes from the previous Halloween parties and get together I have attended almost a year back; it was a stunning vampire inspired sexy burlesque costumes, with silver accents seen on the slits, the corset curves and even on the neckline too. The combination of black and silver plus the vampire inspiration really nailed it! What other colors do you think would best pair with silver as an accent? I think that pink would be lovely with a set of silver jewelries with matching pink stones of course.