Looking back to the different acts and other performances related to burlesque and stunning burlesque costumes, no one has really made an account for the history of burlesque.

Let me tell you more about the history of burlesque from the 19th century and so on. This account of history is based on my set of facts based on researchers’ accounts. Brace yourself and read more about the history of burlesque before wearing a marvelous set of burlesque costumes.

In the 19th Century, the term "burlesque" was applied to a wide range of comic plays, including non-musicals. And these were the type of entertainment people back then enjoy so dearly. People have loved these types of entertainment back then and we still do, now. The burlesque costumes featured on these burlesque shows were nothing as fancy as we have today, but of course these burlesque costumes have always been revealing and even stunning as it is right now.

It was in the beginning of the 1840s, when burlesque costumes and entertaining burlesque shows works to give entertainment to the lower and middle classes in Great Britain and the United States by making fun of the operas, plays and social habits of the upper classes.

Burlesque shows and burlesque costumes were all sources of great entertainment and these shows used comedy and music to challenge the established way of looking at things.

However, it was By the 1860s, British burlesque relied on the display of shapely, underdressed women to keep audiences interested. And I say that even up to now, it was even more entertaining for everyone to see women dressed sexily and this is where burlesque costumes business begin.