The announcement of the one who got it then followed just right after everybody auditioned. I was the third performer to audition that time and I could still remember what burlesque costumes I was wearing.

My burlesque costumes were a hefty bold combination of teal and pink, and yes, I looked like I was ready to perform on a full productions stage with my choice of burlesque costumes. My Auntie of course didn’t miss out on giving me the best advices and my favorite was when she told me, “Own the Stage.”

I didn’t want to disappoint not just myself but also the rest of the family especially my Auntie who has always been there to encourage and support me; and so, I wore by burlesque costumes that day loud and proud and made a promise to myself to make sure to enter the cut.

And when my name was called, everybody was in awe with my burlesque costumes. I definitely owned the stage.

I made the cut and I was one of the 15 burlesque dancers who made it in the auditions. The results were posted in the afternoon and everybody around me congratulated me because I earned the highest score. Surely, I know my Aunt and my family would be all grateful about my success.

I still recall the day when my Aunt told me to own the stage, and I always do when I perform. I would always look back on this day and make it as one of my greatest inspirational quote whenever I am going to perform on stage.

And up to this day, I still thank my Aunt for being supportive in bringing out the best in me always.