Done with the first act from the show, which I learned a lot about, the second act is something new to me.

The second act comes with an amazing production and wardrobe of wonderful burlesque costumes in silver and in gold. And guess what, what even make this burlesque performance even more unique is not the perfect combination of gold and silver, but the dancers.

Yes, that’s right. Dancing in the second act of the show were wonderful twins, dancing together and sometimes, even opposite of each other. It was another magical number for me. I never thought of the same production and choreography even when we also have twins on the dance group back in high school.

It would be my pleasure to go back to my Alma Mater and maybe have sometime to share what I have witnessed here at MGM.

Back in my days at high school burlesque dance group, we were fond of watching youtube videos while trying to come up with more ideas for our burlesque costumes and browsing the images on the internet for more of ideas to inject in our burlesque costumes. At the same time, we watched videos that may help us cope with the every changing burlesque costumes and burlesque costumes scene.

I couldn’t help but notice that burlesque costumes, production and choreography here at MGM, Las Vegas is definitely world class. I would love to infuse this second act to my fellow burlesque dancers in high school.

Indeed, this Las Vegas Burlesque experience is a real deal and I will sure talk about it and brag about it when I get back at home. I did capture some video clips for reference so this is more fun that I thought.