What do you look forward to when you are reading a book, or when you are watching a movie and maybe a watching a stage play? What I do is that I look forward for the ending.

There is nothing more exciting that to see the ending and have the ending that you want to happen. Whenever I watch my favorite series on TV, I would love to follow every episode and look forward for the ending –the ending that I want of course. And same is true with this burlesque show and the featured costumes.

And with tonight’s fourth act, I look forward for the burlesque costumes and first burlesque love story I would witness on stage and it happens only here on Las Vegas.

For tonight, as I witnessed the four of seven different acts to be presented for the show, I have seen favorable and wanted endings from the three different acts a while a back. And as this fourth act comes to an end, I admit I wouldn’t want a tragic ending like that of Romeo and Juliet where the two of them had to say goodbye to each other and die in a tragic way.

For tonight, I do not only look for burlesque costumes but of course, the amazing ending for this fourth act, and it is up for me to share this one with you.

The fourth act is the first of the many burlesque love stories I would sure witness. It ended with the two main actors in the stage having to change a set of red burlesque costumes and it sure made a big impact for the audience.

To give you a better thrilling ending, I think I would have to share it on the next post.