So this will be like a flashback Friday or a Throwback Thursday post.

This is because, from then on, I will be talking about some of the best things that happened during my first major burlesque performance, where it was I that held the most important role. this will be a series of posts, talking about my first hand burlesque experience and how these experiences meant so much to me and my present day burlesque career.

These series of posts will not only talk about the best of the best burlesque costumes that I have ramped out on stage or I have strut with while on the red carpet; but it will also about the people behind every stage act; and the production team too.

With the kind of shows I have witnessed in Las Vegas, I have learned to appreciate how every small detail could some up and be part of the whole. And yes, same is true with the dancers, production assistants and even the lighting coordinator too.

After y wonderful time in Las Vegas and witnessing some of the best burlesque shows and the best burlesque costumes, I have realized that most of the time, It is not just about the main act and how she carries the whole play and her role; that’s because it has always been about everyone who have worked hard and played their role in every number and in every stage performance.

Now I have been all misjudging about the other dancers who did not make it in the cut, or the production team that I only thought sits and bosses around. I have learned that even the costume production needs to be at their best on doing burlesque costumes, because everyone on stage and back stage has an important role to play.