As I have been searching around the different colors that symbolizes courage, it would be nothing but red. The color red more often than not has always been associated with fire and blood. And with this case, it is associated with courage too. And this time, for Jennifer Lawrence and her character as Katniss, I would love to have burlesque costumes that would match her courage more than anything else.

For this one, the first of the burlesque costumes I am to feature for Jennifer Lawrence, it would be in firing red to signify her courage. Like her character as Katniss in the movie sequel the Hunger Games, the color red for her burlesque costumes is the perfect set of color to be used.

Although most burlesque costumes come in matching colors for the accessories and the main burlesque costumes color, this one may be a whole lot different. That’s because this set of burlesque costumes and for Katniss only comes in color red, with red sequence and beads too.

I love how Katniss stood up for the people she loved, not only for her sister but to the whole community where she belong as well. And for Katniss, a red set of burlesque costumes that pairs up with a cutting-edge Tutu Skirt would be perfect for her burlesque costumes, of course.

Also, it would be nice to add up a braided hairdo for the dancer so as to match the hairdo of Katniss in the movie! Don’t you think? I think that a red set of burlesque costumes to show off Katniss’ courage is more than enough. Even more, it would be nice to have that little girl wear her crown too.