The last set of burlesque costumes I have for Nina is by far the best set I will ever think of; and design for. Since this will be the last one for Nina Dobrev and her different characters on the popular series, The Vampire Diaries; I would personally like it to be outstanding.

With all the burlesque costumes I have designed for her, this one must go with an adorable tutu skirt that will match not only her unique beauty and class but also the charm in her role played as Amara.

It would be a really great combination to have a tutu skirt and a matching headdress that comes in almost the same material too. Even more, the different layers of the skirt make it attractive to the eyes and its effect makes it more fascinating too!

I know I could have thought of having tutu skirts for a different set of burlesque costumes but what makes it even more different coming from this one is that this one does not come in a matching color of white just like in the burlesque costume.

Did I get your attention now?

Since White, they say, is the presence of all colors, it would be fancier to feature a rainbow-inspired tutu skirt!

Now this I think is something different! I would personally choose the color and have a variation of each color, just like the patterns you see on the rainbow!

For me, this will show not only Amara's character but Nina's; being able to portray different roles; just like the different colors on the rainbow. All about Nina does not simply stop right here right now.