Some may actually associate the color blue to masculinity; as pink is for girls and blue is for boys especially when it comes to babies; but this wonderful shade of color has evolve and has greatly been associated to women's apparel and accessories.

Same is true with other feminine colors which have also been widely accepted in the men's world.

With the dawn of the modern world and the change of times, color branding and association to sex preferences has greatly been disregarded. And this gives us so many changes to give you cool blue burlesque costumes to suit your burlesque needs.

The color blue; which represents the color of the sea and the cool relaxing color of the sky; can be identified as one of the colors of the Earth; and with this choice of colors for the set of burlesque costumes; you can say that you are one with the Heaven and Earth too.

This cool color with the various shades it possesses is one of the many colors which we can play with when it comes to burlesque costumes.

Dark blue can be a nice choice for an evening event in burlesque costumes attire while the lighter shade of blue can be a nice choice for a daytime indoor party with friends.

Nonetheless, whatever shade of blue you would prefer; we have the best set of burlesque costumes that can make you drool your eyes. A well played combination of light blue and white can be a perfect choice for a Victorian themed burlesque costumes play or party; while the shade of dark blue in burlesque costumes could be the best choice for a cowboy inspired burlesque costumes party.