I have mentioned in the earlier posts that there are a dozen types of burlesque costumes that are not only unique but also attractive at the same time.

So, one of the most unique burlesque costumes I have seen so far is the featured burlesque costumes for tonight’s act. I can see that this is very unique because it does not require a tremendous part of preparation, but only a couple last minute work, I guess..

I cannot imagine honestly, how they managed to let these cute balloons pop out in the open and be seen on stage as a sort of burlesque costume for this charming dancer to wear. .

This dancer was wearing this costume with small balloon costumes that comes in different colors. This type of balloons were even more attractive because it also comes in a metallic shade and shines on stage when hit by the spotlight..

I also loved how the dancer projected with her burlesque costumes because she looked too good while wearing it. .

So as I concentrate on watching her perform, I can’t help but notice how good she is on stage. There is no wonder why she deserved a solo act for tonight’s show..

After having seen her, I would like to strive more with my burlesque dancing skills since I know for sure that there are a lot of aspiring talents out there like me, waiting to be discovered!.

And so, I made it a point to pay attention to her performance with my all may keen senses. Seeing her every move, and even her facial expression and stage presence, especially her burlesque costumes; makes me feel even proud that I am a burlesque dancer.