Making your own burlesque costume can be a tough challenge, especially to those who think that they lack the creativity.

However, going back to our previous post, we have mentioned that the first thing to do in making your own burlesque costumes is to research far and wide. And with today’s post, we are going to expand that idea.

Since a lot of burlesque costumes have been out in the market today, you can start your very own research in your favorite burlesque costumes store. You can check out all the details they have featured on every costume and take not of it on a small piece of paper.

Just be careful though – you shouldn’t be caught by the sales agent or they would have to call your attention. I am not saying that this is not legal because you can always look around and act simply as if you were window shopping.

Be sure to visit the section for the new arrivals and take note of the different colors every burlesque costume has. Notice what type of colors are in and what are not. You can also take notice of the cuts they use, whether it would be a sweetheart cut or a tube cut. Note what is it that you like and picture yourself out while wearing it! Better yet, you can try and have it fit!

However, you are not there to purchase the very same item, but you are here to gather ideas on how to make your own! What even is an advantage in making your own burlesque costume is that you can always have a perfect fit –and if this one didn’t have your size, you can always make one that is perfect for you!