The History of burlesque and the evolution of burlesque costumes simply do not stop from there. On the following posts, we will not only be discussing about the many happenings that made history but also the shows that people loved, the persons behind every stage performance and even on the dancers and producers that made burlesque shows and burlesque costumes to what it is now.

Did you know that the love for burlesque and burlesque costumes continued until the Victorian age? It was during the Victorian age when proper women went to great lengths to hide their physical form beneath bustles, hoops and frills, the idea of young ladies appearing onstage in tights was a powerful challenge. However, there was a lot of inspiration seen on burlesque costumes of today from the Victorian Era..

It was the time of the Victorian Era when French maid costumes and burlesque costumes inspired by frills and laces merged into the burlesque stage. Burlesque costumes during that time were inspired by the present day fashion and it made it even more challenging to the show makers too..

When Broadway's The Black Crook became a massive hit in 1866, its troop of ballerinas in flesh-colored tights served notice that respectable American audiences were ready to fork over big bucks for sexually stimulating entertainment. All it took was a daring producer to take things to the next level..

Taking it to the next level was a challenge not all producers would take and not all costume designers would gamble on. However, there are some who gathered the strength and it made the rise to the top. Know more about these people behind burlesque shows and costume son out next post..