Perhaps we consider blue as the color for royals, and it’s no exception that a set of burlesque costumes in blue, or royal blue can be considered as the burlesque costumes for the royals too.

That is the main reason why my last option for the set of burlesque costumes to wear is a combination of royal blue and feathers. For this one, I will be looking for some inspiration from the beauty of a peacock.

Imagine the royal blue body of a peacock with a combination of green to yellow green and black peacock tail. Not to mention the tail structure of the peacock will sure make it a good inspiration for a burlesque costume to look forward too.

I can now imagine how I would look so adorable with a set of royal blue burlesque costumes with some feathers to match. I wonder if I could get peacock feathers somewhere. It may mean a bit of animal cruelty though but it has to be a pure peacock feathers just so to make this burlesque costumes even more attractive.

If only I could find some original peacock tails, but I think I will have to settle to the synthetic ones available in the stores.

I couldn’t wait to see myself in a peacock inspired burlesque costumes. I think that among the other burlesque costumes I have lined up for the stage acts for this school year, this one should and will be my favorite and top choice.

Shall I be dancing like a peacock with these burlesque costumes? I can’t wait.

With my trip to Las Vegas getting near and nearer each day, I am excited to get inspiration from burlesque shows and burlesque costumes I am lined up to watch and enjoy.