Have you ever wondered where the color orange actually got its name? Is orange originally the fruit or was it the color that was named after the fruit? If you are puzzled by this tricky question, then you could be more than interested to read and discover the things you haven’t yet discovered about the color orange.

You will never know unless you tried to know about the color orange and how it would be one of the best choices for a set of burlesque costumes. More often that not, the color orange is the most widely used color during the celebration of the Halloween. Orange comes with the color black and is a favorite not only because it has matching colors with the pumpkin or it matches with Candy Corn, but because it is a color that symbolizes the fun in the Halloween Celebration.

Orange can sometimes also be associated with the color of the sun, depending on what part of the globe you are; but mostly orange is known to be the color of the fruit that is a very rich source of Vitamin C, orange; and yes, orange with a pinch of black is of course the color of the Halloween.

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