The fun and thrill of conceptualizing a burlesque costume for Nina does not stop there.

Blue signifies the color of the sky that is truly a perfect match for her personality and white because it is the color of the clouds and that it signifies purity.

As a character in TVD, Elena is being loved by everyone around her because she has a good heart with pure intentions for everyone; at least coming from the first few episodes from the first few series.

This is because, there had been so many changes as the series progresses and is now up for a next season, the 6th Season.

What would surely fit Elena is a Sky blue and white combinations of corset burlesque costumes with a matching rumba shorts. I am pretty sure that this would be perfect because it symbolizes the calmness in Elena's personality and her pure intentions to everyone that surrounds her. That is why she is loved by the people around her, she is being protected and most of all, she is treated special. Her burlesque costumes would not be perfect without accessories to match!

Accessories are always there to create a perfect look and give a whole new twist to any outfit, even when it comes to burlesque costumes too. How about white long elbow gloves and white knitted stockings?

For Elena, her white elbow length gloves would be a great addition to complete the look of her burlesque costumes while the knitted stockings would reveal her sexy side at the same time.

I couldn’t simply imagine how Nina/ Elena would look in these set of burlesque costumes and accessories!