What do you think would be the best accessories to match the blue and silver burlesque costumes I have in mind for Mystique? I am thinking of maybe putting on a combination of the same colors, blue and silver for the accessories for this set of burlesque costumes. Think not, I am not just referring to the typical accessories you see on burlesque costumes like maybe having gloves, hats, and masks. This time, I am thinking about the real stuff for accessories like great jewelries to match the outfit. I would like to have a nice set of matching earrings and then necklaces too! I think it would also be nice to have a matching ring that would highlight her hands too. By her, I would like to mean Jennifer but since it would be a challenge to have her wear it for me, though it will surely be my pleasure if she does! I’m thinking of matching necklaces, earrings and a huge ring too! I would love to have the dancer wear it on stage and with the matching burlesque costumes color. I would love to have the jewels match the exact shade of blue, and come in stunning silver finish too, like in the burlesque costumes. Wait till you see it yourself and maybe wear it too. Matching accessories and burlesque costumes are real attractive and it would be nice to take it to the next level and have Mystique as an inspiration. What do you think would best suit the cut of burlesque costumes for the one inspired by Mystique? I haven’t figured out the perfect cut for a burlesque costume for this one.