Are there any other Jennifer Lawrence characters you would want me to feature? Are there any other burlesque costumes suggestions you may have in mind?

Jennifer Lawrence has been known for various characters and roles both in the movies and in TV series. While checking on with her profile from IMDB, she had been in the show business for as early as 2006.

For her stunning beauty and sex appeal, I would certainly have to choose among her starring roles in different movies and maybe feature four to six characters maybe.

But before I give to you the different set of burlesque costumes for this real American beauty, let me tell you more about the roles she had played; and most likely the different movie roles and characters I will be pairing up and get inspirations from, through these movie roles.

I loved Jennifer Lawrence on X-Men: Days of Future Past as she Raven / Mystique. She only got to show off her real beauty being Raven atlest in three to four different scenes in the movie, but as Mystique, I think that the whole movie revolved on her and her strong character.

For Mystique and X-Men: Days of the Future Past, I will surely Feature a strong set of burlesque costumes, so strong that it would own the stage at every angle you seek.

At the same time, I will make sure I will also feature another set of burlesque costumes inspired by Raven too. Since both characters were portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence on the Same movie. This time, Raven inspired burlesque costumes may remain strong, but maybe a less subtle at some sort.

I am really excited for this first set of burlesque costumes fro Jennifer!