So I was a bit busy getting to know how to make my own burlesque costumes. I did some research on the internet and even looked into books and magazines for more detailed features. Also, I never missed on checking the department store stands for the latest on burlesque costumes.

I admit, it was a hard time for me to consider whether I should copy the burlesque costumes designs I wanted, from what I saw on the internet or in the store; or maybe I should come up with my own style. With lots and lots of different burlesque costumes to see, I decided to make my own design and considered using the materials I wanted.

After all the researching and getting to know more on burlesque costumes, I will be consulting my Mother and what she thinks is best for me. My trip to Las Vegas will be on Friday and I needed to maximize all the time I have remaining so that I could also bring along other stuff I need so I could also work on my burlesque costumes while away from home; and of course let my Mother do the rest.

Of the four different sets of burlesque costumes that I will need for the next stage act of burlesque in school, the first one I have in mind which exactly is my favorite is the combination of red and white burlesque costumes.

Red truly makes me feel sexy while the color white gives me so much sophistication. I have seen this type of burlesque costumes in various Mrs. Santa costumes, but I wouldn’t want to look like Mrs. Santa in my next set of burlesque costumes, so instead of putting on feathers, we can have it accessorizes by golden sequin!