My upcoming trip to Las Vegas and My excitement to see Burlesque Costumes and Shows!
Spring break is just the best time of the year to mingle with friends and meet up with some relatives. This year, I am very lucky to be visiting my Aunt in Las Vegas! In fact, my flight is scheduled this week.

Now, with so many attractions and entertainment sites in Las Vegas, there is one thing in mind that’s number one on my list –Burlesque costumes and of course, burlesque shows.

I have been a singer and dancer since my teenage years, and I have always loved to wear sexy and colorful burlesque costumes during school activities and even costume parties. I and my fellow stage actors and actresses in school, once played an act where we danced in the popular tunes of the burlesque era; and I just loved all about it, most especially the two sets of my red and white with glittering sequined; and purple and silver feathered burlesque costumes.

I just love how our school stage show turned out back then, and I look forward on seeing how the actual full stage production would be like in the real live show and that includes the burlesque costumes of course.

This year, with me visiting my Aunt in Las Vegas, I would never miss watching burlesque shows with dancers and singers in their alluring burlesque costumes!

This upcoming trip to Las Vegas gives me a tingling feeling of excitement up to my bones and I couldn’t wait to see Las Vegas and more of what it has in-stored for a first-timer like me.

Surely, I wouldn’t miss seeing the latest burlesque stage acts and how they wear their costume on stage. I might just have newer sets of burlesque costumes to bring back home, too!