It was not until I felt so down that I learned to appreciate what my own Mother and my own Personal assistant is going through all because of me.

I can still remember how my Mother said these words, and how her voice sounded as music to my ears; when she said, “Don’t you worry, you can do it!”

And that very same words still tingle into my mind everything I feel low not only when I am on stage and wearing my burlesque costumes, but also when I have to encounter things in my personal life that are a bit harsh for me to handle.

“Don’t you worry, you can do it!”

These words coming from my very own Mother has helped me pick myself up when the Director had to sight all my faults on stage and when he had to tell me that the confidence I wear is not even tantamount to the beauty of the burlesque costumes I was wearing. It was really harsh for me. For a 6th grader, these were the type of words which can cause heartaches and disappointments, especially for an all out performer like me.

It was actually the first time ever when the director told me in front of everybody else, when I knew I was at my best with my dance steps and my burlesque costumes. Yet, I was wrong because I fell low of his standards.

Sobbing and wearing a disappointed face, my mother was there at the backstage ready to hug me anytime I enter. And she was there all along the while, listening to whatever the director says and telling me the opposite of each. She was telling me how great I looked with my burlesque costumes and how I can be the best burlesque dancer.