As a burlesque dancer myself, I admit that I still have so many things yet to experience on stage. Not that I lack experience I presume, but given all the stage production, burlesque costumes and even choreography experience I have, I know I am on the creative side.

Yet, with tonight’s different performances, I realized that there is more to burlesque than simply being sexy on stage, being comedic sometimes and being a total performer –still there are many things to explore.

And with exposure to tonight’s best burlesque acts all over the world, I can definitely say that this is world class and I am one of the lucky ones to actually be seated front row to experience it unlike any other from the audience.

I have seen it all –burlesque costumes, dancers on their determination and even popular personalities awed and pleased with tonight’s performance.

Honestly, how I wish this burlesque act could last all night. Yet, now that we are down with the last two acts, and the finale performance, I couldn’t express how delighted I am to have been invited by my family here in La Vegas to witness this amazing show.

The dancers were incredible, the burlesque costumes are definitely detailed and beautiful and of course, the audience was very participative and it seemed everybody was all eyes and all ears with every performance.

How I wish I could perform on the same stage someday with the same crowd. I would and I would do all the best that I can do, just to switch places with the dancers. Yeah, maybe someday I could get to wear the burlesque costumes that they are wearing, or maybe even better burlesque costumes that is, and have the same production team and get to perform with an all star audience.