As we recall, I know have three different sets of burlesque costumes in mind and frankly speaking, I couldn't get enough of it. I know I only need four sets of it, but the thought that I will only be choosing the last one and ending my options from there makes me disappointed.

I just couldn't get enough of all the different burlesque costumes available in stores and online that choosing the last one of what will be on my list disappoints me. I know I need to move on and choose the final one but I thought it wouldn't hurt if I have multiple selection; and that I make five instead of four, just in case I will be needing one more.

However, my mother might think I’m going crazy with making my own burlesque costumes, and she might also think that it is too much but I will be insisting for another set to be on the works before I go to Las Vegas this weekend.

To my determination, I will be preparing another set of burlesque costumes, two sets that is. Just in case my mother wouldn’t agree, because I also know that it would cost too much; at least I have another one to consider in choosing which are to be made.

All these burlesque costumes ideas are hitting hard on me that I am really excited about it. So, what I will do know is to grab my sketch pad, sketch two different sets of costumes and have it presented to my mother as I explained everything.

I just couldn’t move on and I know that I want more of these sexy and really creative burlesque costumes.