Just when I thought this is just about burlesque costumes with the best looking dancers; and great choreography and stage production, I was just so wrong!

This is because tonight's burlesque shows also has the best looking set of audience from the very popular celebrities up to show producers too. No wonder, I feel very much lucky to be in the audience and to witness this wonderful showcase of overall talent.

More than that, its not just the burlesque costumes that need to be noticed but also the classic burlesque club songs played during the different acts. I do recognize some of the songs played from the three different acts, but unfortunately, not all of them. And so, its time to take notice not only of the artistic burlesque costumes but also of the amazing musical scoring.

And so, just before the fourth act of tonight's seven different acts, I do not only want to take pictures of burlesque costumes but to record the mix and the tunes of burlesque classics.

As I recalled, we have had danced on the very same tune played on the first act, but unlike us, where we danced from start to finish of the song; the first act only adopted the instrumental part from the beginning of the song and went straight to the chorus. As I recalled, it was more of a medley, that is!

And so, instead of performing and dancing all throughout one claasical burlesque song, I have now noted that it would be a lot more playful to have a medly!