For Katherine, aka Katarina from TVD, it would be perfect to have black burlesque costumes which are Victorian Inspired. When black represents glamour and elegance, it also sometimes represents evil intentions and desires. Same evil intentions and desires are seen from Katherine towards almost all people around her.

If there is one person that has done all bad things to Elena and the gang, it will be none the less but Katherine herself. Portraying an all different character by Nina, these burlesque costumes are just as perfect as the other; only that this time, it is inspired by an all different character.

Victorian style burlesque costumes are a real favorite, not only because it represents an all classy era; but also because these type of burlesque costumes are elaborate and glamorous.

Black with a combination of deep red for burlesque costumes is indeed a perfect fit for Katherine's character on TVD.

Admit it, Nina did a very good job in portraying an all different character despite the fact that she has to maintain the same face each time.

However, with our burlesque costumes, an all new different set as Elena is also one big of a deal. This time, burlesque costumes for Nina come in sky blue with white and black with red accents over it.

I have a whole lot of burlesque costumes and ideas running into my mind and I couldn’t help but juggle these ideas. I wish to have it organized though and share to it to you in all organized manner and we will start discussing all of it in a more detailed way too. There’s more to come and more burlesque costumes ideas coming your way!