Looking back at the other posts I have made about the beautiful and stunning performers at the MGM Grand during my first few nights here in Las Vegas, I could never be proud of being a burlesque dancer and performer; and I look forward on performing at the same stage with almost the same crowd.

Not only do I dream of such; but I also look forward to having the same burlesque costumes as they do; and wear these burlesque costumes on a performance of a lifetime.

The stage acts during that burlesque show were so amazing and that a Burlesque dancer like me; couldn't even notice a single glitch; and I couldn't even identify a single flaw when it comes to their execution, production and even up to their burlesque costumes too! As I looked in my past blog posts, I am not yet done with the series of performances that were presented that night; and I am to feature two more numbers to complete mu series of posts!

I was even caught in so much awe when my cousin and I had a short talk during the show.

She told me, “There are definitely more of these type of shows here in Las Vegas.”

I was caught off guard and gave her a look with round eyes and rolling eyeballs, telling her, “Are you sure? Is that for real?” With so much excitement my eyes were all round and my voice was so loud.

And we just silently laughed to what happened! So I thought to myself, more burlesque costumes and performances!

You better watch out for more of my burlesque posts and featured burlesque costumes seen that very night!