And so, it's time to give my mother a call. But before anything else, I had to make sure that the time difference is all in place. I made it a point to call my Mother around midnight here in Las Vegas since I know that it will be sometime in the morning in Australia.

Although I was a bit worried that she may not be able to catch my call since she may still be sleeping, I was just all positive and dialed her number. It is not cheap to call overseas by the way.

And so, my mother's phone started ringing and to my surprise, she was able to answer it instantly!

I on the other hand was using my cousin's phone and I knew she was not aware that it was me. And boy, she was even more than surprised to hear my voice. I know, since she told me. She told me how much she misses me and how glad she is to hear my voice. And with so mch excitement, I can clearly tell that she is shouting from the other end of the line.

After a couple of chitchat and meaningful talk, I asked my mother about the burlesque costumes and how is the production going. I am very happy to hear her say that everything is going great with my burlesque costumes, and so far, so good!

And before we bid goodbye, I told my Mother how much I miss her and how thankful I am for having her.

I wouldn't be here in Las Vegas without her efforts and without someone to trust back home with my burlesque costumes. I am just so lucky to have my mother around.