I have always been thankful for having my mother. She has always been more than a mother to me. Despite her busy schedule and despite her being pre-occupied; I have always been more than thankful that she has given more of herself in supporting me and my endeavors.

I know that without my mother; I am nothing. Her actions show more than just love, care and concern but it goes more than that. The efforts that I see in my mother everyday go beyond words.

And especially now that it is actually my first time to go on a trip without my mother, I am missing her so much. I will make sure to give her a call once everything is all set up with the burlesque costumes I left at home.

The burlesque costumes I had in mind were even products of my mom and my imagination too. I have given my Mother full trust with the burlesque costumes since I know that she always give her best in everything that she does, most especially when it comes to me and my burlesque costumes!

What’s even great is that, she makes it a point to talk to Michael at that time, yes the head of the costumes department and the assistant floor director I was talking about. My mother meets up with Michael and discusses more about my Burlesque costumes. I really appreciate it a lot and most especially I love it when the people I love around me, goes along well with each other.

Although I was a bit mischievous and hesitant to ask my Mother about her meets up with Michael, Michael however was kind enough to tell me that it was all about my burlesque costumes.