Going back to the MGM show, we were almost done with the two and a half hour presentation when I saw a familiar face on the stage. I don’t really know if it was the same person but the resemblance was way too high. Maybe it was because of the lights and the makeup, but I could really say that she looked just like one of the brightest stars in Hollywood and that she wore her burlesque costumes so well.

I almost thought it was Megan Fox on stage. But seeing her move with her burlesque costumes made me think otherwise. Megan couldn't be dancing like that, if she were, then she could have made it on Dancing with the Stars!

I really look up on Megan, not only because she is beautiful and sexy but I look up to her in how she carries herself in front of everyone else, and how she stands out, just exactly like how she would wear these burlesque costumes.

I cannot get over the resemblance that I hurriedly approached my cousin and asked her about my thought on Megan being in the stage and wearing that burlesque costumes. And my cousin just smiled at me, saying that she noticed the resemblance too.

However, my cousin was just a bit sure to tell it's not Megan Fox because she does not have the lips, Megan has! But the body in those burlesque costumes showed a real kicker!

Anyway, the burlesque dancer I was referring to as Megan Fox was in fact the backup dancer, and the whole performance was about cabaret!

Oh how I love Cabaret inspired burlesque costumes! There are more stories to tell about Cabaret in upcoming posts!