I thought red and white with golden sequin on my burlesque costumes was a really cool. However, I couldn’t stop thinking about another set to work on. Burlesque costumes come in different forms, colors and even in different cuts that there are unlimited options when you try to make your own rather than buying it from the store.

And yes, I am making my own burlesque costumes and I love it! I already have the first set sketched and I have all the things I need written; from the thread I need, the laces and the sequins.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not yet ready to maybe sew my own corset for my burlesque costumes. This requires intense knowledge and skills. However, my mother suggested that we could just buy an ordinary burlesque costumes, or a plain corset for that matter, at the store; (which is way cheaper compared to the elaborate ones); and just have it alternated, designed and accessorized just the way I want it.

The second set of burlesque costumes I have in mind is the silky combination of purple and pink. I think that having pink and purple in my burlesque costumes would be a unique combination since these colors are my favorite. When my first choice of burlesque costumes is red and white with gold sequin, this one will be accessorized and accented with big silver sequins on the sweetheart cut; and will be paired with a baby pink tutu skirt. This will be a perfect set of burlesque costumes for my role!

I will have this one sketched, and list everything that I need in order for my Mother to buy all these stuff when I am away. I am so excited for my burlesque costumes.