TMaking my own Burlesque Costumes
I was out whole day with my mother on a trip to a local department store today. We spend almost the whole day roaming around and window shopping for some stuff we have always wanted, and that included burlesque costumes for me!

My mother was so surprised to see me loving these wonderful pieces of burlesque costumes. During lunch, she told me that she would love for me to wear one on the next stage dance act we will be having at school; however, she was really honest to tell me that she does not have enough for the pieces burlesque costumes I wanted.

I admit, the next stage dance act is like months from now, but I would be so happy to put my hands on my very own set of burlesque costumes.

However, my Mother was very eager not to disappoint me and so we decide to make my own set of burlesque costumes and pinch it with our own style. Yes, that’s right! We will try and make our own.

I was at first shocked with the idea of making my own set of burlesque costumes but I thought it would be nice to have it on my own way and make it even more unique at the same time.

So, I never lost all my hope and started to search again for the best burlesque costumes that had my eye one and I, together with my mother thought of ways on how we could create our own version of burlesque costumes. And then, my Mother suggested that I should check out the internet for more burlesque costumes to love and also look into the different tips in making your own set of burlesque costumes. So we will know what to do and what to buy in our next visit to the department store.

My Mother is indeed a genius! Now I can make my own set of burlesque costumes!